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Sound art is one of the most fascinating phenomena in modern art. In recent years, more and more people have developed an interest in it: they apparently sense that this form of art touches on a fundamental experience. After all, at the very beginning, all of us got to know the world we live in as an acoustic space, before the sense of sight, which develops later, put us at a distance from the world. This book provides insight into the work of important protagonists of sound art and some of its outstanding representatives from the younger generation: Andres Bosshard (Switzerland; 1955) Paul DeMarinis (U.S.; 1948), Rolf Julius (Germany; 1939), Christina Kubisch (Germany; 1948), Bernhard Leitner (Austria; 1938), Andreas Oldorp (Germany; 1959), Ed Osborn (U.S.; 1964), Martin Riches (U.K.; 1942), Steve Roden (U.S.; 1964), Erwin Stache (Germany; 1960) and Miki Yui (Japan; 1971).

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